Internal, international and intrahospital-morgue transport

We provide internal and international transport with authorized cars in transport of coffin, flowers, passengers or protocol.

We offer elegant automobiles, Mercedes-Benz brand, for the carriage within the funeral ceremonies, transportation to and from the hospital, IML, etc.

Our cars are equipped with special air conditioning systems, proper for funeral transport.

Also, for the transport of persons within the funeral ceremonies organized by us, we can provide minibuses for 8-10 people and/or 26-30 people, offered by our partners.

We recently purchased a family minibus with 8 seats with air conditioning system.
It is part of the funeral cortege, practically is the 2nd car in the funeral cortege.
In cities, the cortege is not executed pedestrian only motorized, then comes the need for a family minivan.
DCF Funeral has solved this problem too.